Av request please :)


Will anyone make me an Av with Johnny (in his Mist Finer pose, and you can get the sprite from www.gamegen.com ), and Sagat with a dark blue color scheme, and epsilon_ at the bottom. Thanks.


This is the Johnny pic.


If you can get the sagat one ill do it.


Here’s the Sagat pic, if you can, try to get the one of the last frames where he’s holding his chestm thanks.


Well heres what i got.


Wanted a dark blue colorscheme :/. Also if you could get Johnny and Sagat like in the same pic, thanks.


i will give it a try:D


Thanks, btw your av is VERY cool.


ehh I kinda made this fast so if you want any changes you can tell me:D



Can you get the last few frames of the Sagat gif(when hes holding his chest), and a border around it would be nice, and change the font, thanks.




Thanks :slight_smile: .