Av request please!

Hey SRK,

I’m currently thinking of a new avatar lol.

Ok, Anything with a picture of Laharl from Disgaea (PS2 game and Anime) with Biggzy thrown in there.


Also, if this is a super easy av request, notice the “if”, feel free to make a few different ones, graphics, etc.


:wonder: I pretty sure someone else already had it as an avatar on this site… dood!

Oh, thanks for heads up Yeah Dood.

New request on the first post.

i wasn’t sure who the character was, so i did a quick search in google.

hope it’s the right character, at the very least.


You need to slow down. Your leveling up too fast.



Hot sauce hamburger homie. That means, “Good shit.”

thanks, buddy. :china:

it’d be cool if anyone can guess where the energy flash thing is from.

:u: I was just about to ask where it’s from. :wonder:

I thought it was hand made. :xeye:

SA burst on 3S?

i wish it was hand drawn. my drawing ability with a mouse is terrible, at best. :rofl:

the answer



I had a feeling it was from there.

I was thinking it was from MvC2.

Hibiki is fun to use. :nunchuck:

Thanks Streak. I’d rep you again but it won’t let me lol.

glad i could be of help. :cool:

Out of curiousity Biggzy, what was the original av idea you had but someone else already has?

an laharl av…shit is dope :tup:

It was just a shot of the famous Leprechaun vid in Alabama, of the guy in the blue hat smiling. Its here at about 0:34 [media=youtube]nda_OSWeyn8[/media]

Apparently someone else had that av already so I had to scratch that real quick.

Epidemic: Thanks man, I’m a big fan of Disgaea and most SRPG’s in general. Streak did an awesome job. Can’t wait for that Chaos Wars.