av request please


to the person who will be doing my avatar. If you are familliar with naruto I would like THE EDOPEST ITACHI avatar ever if you need a picture or a site just let me know. And when finished can you please P.M. the av to me. Thank you:D


Mind if i give this a try??


No really D… that would be kinda ghey…lol… j/k

i don’t like Naruto… :bluu:


awww whats up B what you up too know a days?

monkeyspank- Do yo thang. And thanks for taking the request.


Cool do you have any certain pic that you would want? If so attach it or something ill do my best.


you know I cant find a pic of him in color. Do you have any pic’s of him and if not any places where I can find a pic of him


Na its ok then i got some pics of him ill just surprise u or something :).



by the way do you know of any sites were I can get wallpapers of Itachi, kakashi, sasuke, neji, naruto, i can’t spell the frog summoner who taught naruto the frog summon, and the 4th hokage?


Here ya go.


THAT IS MUTHA FUCKIN SICK!!!thanks dude I’ll be reppin your skills on other threads for your recognition dawg.


dude monkeyspank that is one hot av, you the man.



Thanks guys ^_^.