Av Request (prem)


heres the pic…thanks :sweat:

do what ya like surprises are cool :smiley:


Mcgyver… isn’t it?

yeah ahhahah he was merdoc on macgyver lol

I will take this

how does this look


nice work man.

:d Thanks Man

If someone would make me an avatar of blackheart with blood shot eyes and a weed plant in the background I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

p.s. I looked for pics to work off of but didn’t find any good ones, and I have no idea what the workable dimensions are so I’ll be happy with absolutely anything that remotely fits my discription.

here you go dude


tank yoo vury merch :slight_smile:

If someone could make me an avatar with Magneto Storm and Sentinel in it… maybe lightning to go along with it… in a dark color scheme?? I’d really appreciate it…

Been trying to look for images for ages and can’t find any… I’d REALLY REALLY appreciate it… no joke. Thanks guys.