Av Request(Recolor)

Could anyone recolor one of the following Kyo images, whatever one is easier

into the White Kyo color shown here


and add it in a none Premium size Av with a filled K-Groove bar and some sort of fiery red background with or without my name in it please? I know I’m supposed to provide all the images when you make request but I could not find the Groove bar and the one that came up in the search was a broken link. :sad:

Thank You

EDIT: the skin tone can remain the same, just is clothes is what I wanted changed to KKK(White) Kyo, the Kyo pics I posted match is skin tone close enough.

I can try. . .

This KYO84 posting on a friends account: Thanks Buttermaker, thats exactly how I wanted the recolor.


Ghetto MS Paint version for you Tat guy, if you needed an idea on how I wanted it, tyvm, :china:

would either of these be good?

I started to wonder if you actually wanted me to put put “fire” there. . .

Dope! I took the first one, tyvm both of you. :china:

Tat, would it be possible to remove the name and move the K-Groove bar up a little so the Ikari symbol isn’t clipping the border and then shift the bar over to the right side of the Av? On the first one you posted?

Thanks =D


Thanks! =D

Me tooooo please!!!

Can somebody make me an AVI and perhaps recolor it too =P
Something with black would be appreciative =3