AV Request - something with circuits OR Rei from BoF3

As much as I love the GL avatars ToyRobotTerror made (I’ll save them and use them again here at SRK later down the line), I’d like to try something new.

I’d like a Premium-sized Avatar with either one of two things (unfortunately, at the moment, I don’t have any art for either):

  1. something to do with circuits or circuit boards. I want something that’ll equate the name “specs” with “specifications.” Animated would be preferred.

  2. something premium-sized with Rei from Breath of Fire 3. I used to have an old Rei one that AlphaDragoon made (I think it was AlphaDragoon) that was awesome, and the only reason I abandoned it is cuz with premium I wanted to try something new. Again, I’ve got no real art of Rei on hand, and finding Rei on the internet is hard enough without that bitch from Eva sharing his name. :rofl:

Please and thanks in advance.

A bump… but the only blatant bump I’ll make.

I’ll also accept something with Ben from Ben 10 :slight_smile: