AV request -Star Wars


You know in the Star Wars: Clone Wars series when General Gevious first shows up and starts fighting those Jedi? Could I get an AV of the part where Gevious does a handstand and starts fighting with his feet? That would be awesome!:wow: Thanks in Advance:tup:








“…woah” what?


“…woah” Basically means it’s pretty much impossible dude. I mean yeah the animation is possisble but can’t be done here on SRK…the file size would be too great, even IF you had Premium membership. Tone down your request to a still or less animated avatar, then POSSIBLY someone will pick it up.


Really? Just the handstand part? But he only does it for 2 seconds. If it can’t be done, how about when he just spins his upper torso and all the other Jedi are trying to hack through?


Hey RF.

Who is General Gevious?:looney:

:rofl: It’s “Grievous”

Try again kid!:karate:


STFU. Gevious sounds just as good