AV request (Super Turbo) will paypal $2! :D


Looking for a new AV (prem size) featuring ST art. No sprites please. I want it to have either Dhalsim or Fei-long with “Unblockable” written somewhere stylishly. I appreciate it guys! :tup:


hows this



come on aberz, the man will paypal 2 bucks!! atleast put some more effort into it
(fix blur around fingers and back of head, maybe some animation)


I think it looks really good!


:wonder: As do I… dood.


lol, surge, I don’t even have paypal lol, I didn’t do it for the money.

Gatta take on them request dude.


For the record I like it too.


oh shit dude! awesome! gimme that paypal!


lol, no paypal sorry, but its koo dude, glad I could help out.