Av request thank you!

would anyone be able to do similar to these

with this picture here?

I’d like the part that says “makoto shishio” and i’ld like water level to be to be just above where it reads AnimeXperience and kinda make shishio standout more by making him shine or something and put my name somewhere in the avatar if its not too much work of course

please make it for non-premium member ei under 19.5k :wgrin:
thanks in advance

You didn’t post a picture?

And I’d guess Shatterstar since he made them.

fixed it

heres a link to the picture id like to use http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w249/ShindenX/?action=view&current=cvb.jpg

anyone? :sweat: :sweat:

Why don’t you just ask Shatterstar the next time he opens requests?

or learn how to use private messages… anyway, im gonna have to say no. you seriously need prem for that kind of request. im a av maker, not a miracle worker, lol.