Av request thread

can someone make a Zombie Strippers av for me, i wanted to make a prem av with a gif of these two broads screaming at each other, i have the avi, tell me what i need to do to get this done

:rofl: That was one of those movies that’s so bad but you just can’t stop watching. Anyways, what’s the time frame of when it happened? I’ll rip it into a GIF for you.

:wasted: I’m only going at 487 kB/s so it’s going to be at least 35 minutes before I’m finished getting it.

Samurai ReBirth Edit:
I’m guessing you mean this scene:

:rofl: If you think this movie sucked you should see Dead Heist. It seemed like every time I looked at the screen, somebody was counting money.

:xeye: Yeah, it’s going to be really hard to fit that kind of animation into SRK’s 48kb limit. Here’s a quick mock up of how much animation will have to be cut just to get it to fit:

:rofl: God that sucks, lol. If anyone else wants to take a stab at this they can… dood.[/COLOR]

that looks pretty decent as an avatar, gets the message across :rofl:

You hit it on the nail Dood, I tried to use your Gif to make it a bit longer and I was hitting the 160KB mark lol.

Your bottom one is great work dood.

:rofl: Thanks Muffin… dood!

thats perfect bro, your like some kinda computer GENIUS!!!

lol, that movie is so crappy you just gotta laugh, thanks for taking the time to do this…

you have been repped

lol, looks like those chicks are getting crunked lol