Av request - Zombies!

Would like an av based on this graphic:

-If you can keep both zombies in frame, that’d be great, but I’d understand if you need to cut the right one out.
-Adjust Akuma’s colors so he’s got the darker skin, darker gi, and white hair. Nothing specific, but his colors look bland and washed out there.
-‘Toodles’ in the space above the left zombie’s head. Having it go behing the zombie’s and/or akuma’s head is fine (like how my current av goes behind Kain’s head.)
-Any other color tweaks or border that looks good.
If you can do animation, putting a small zombie from Metal Slug on the corner would rock.

Thanks for reading!

Though I do not plan on doing this avy, I will help you by saying that clicking the link sends you to a “Hotlinking is not allowed” page.

I’ll try :open_mouth:

My bad. Thanks for pointing it out.


@Chibi - Sorry, I had already started before I noticed you posted in here

@Toodles - Here is a version I cooked up, if you prefer Chibi’s please use his. I didn’t realize he had posted to take this and I don’t want to step on toes, but I already finished so you might as well see it.


Very sweet DanD.I gotta wait for Chibi’s call before doing anything.

No word from Chibi, so Im sporting it. Thanks DanD!
Any chance you could change the font for the name and make it fit more in that area (above zombie chin and foot, left of Akuma’s face)? Even if not, its awesome as is.

Like this?

Edit: Hoping…!?!.. Teh animation is right.

Edit: There.


Just realized you’d like the font changed as well? Any specific kind or style you’d like it changed to? The more specific the easier for me!