AV request

Ok, since every av request thread I post in seems to die, I’m gonna try this again.

Since I got a name change, I need a new AV.

Can someone make me a premium-sized one with the following picture?


Hey I made one quick.


Thank you!

Why the name change? SolGoodguy was a much better name :confused:
And that woman scares me.

SolGoodguy was a good name, but givequicheachance is a great one.

Seriously, SolGoodguy had its problems…it was originally a spoof of the people who use characters in their names, but ended up being categorized with them.

problems included:
#1: Look like a noob.
#2: get lumped with all the retards that use characters for screennames (masterakuma anyone?)
#3: completely unoriginal
#4: I always felt the need to have Sol in my av…now I’m freed up.

Oh, and it’s supposed to be scary…easily the least attractive woman I’ve ever seen drinking a martini in a leopard print dress…

after a couple of martinis i would hit it