AV request

I was wondering if somebody could make and avatar with this sprite


And a snazzy backround is always nice too

And of course my name A New Nightmare on it

Many thanks



ok, I’ll give it a shot. Do you need the flame all the way up? It’s not a very good sprite, what do you want the BG to be? Polygenos on AIM

Well thats the best sprite i could find with that color. Im in a digital media class right now though, i can give you the link to the sprite when i get home which will be in a couple of hours. But i dont want the flames just the body, and i dont really care what backround, just as long as the sprite doesnt look out of place. THANKS!!!

Ok, here is the first mock up. We can change anything you want, like font/bg/bg color/name placment (you gotta big ass name! we can do 3 down if you like)

If you don’t like it, don’t take it, but if you like it and want to change some of it, just tell me.


Thanks for trying dude…it looks seewt, The only thing i would like changed is the backround…i was thinking something purple, and the name color change too. Thanks for doing this, i’ll take it as is. But if your willing to change it, thats cool.

If you could get on AIM, I can do those quick fixes and send them pretty quick,

and purple on the BG as well as the Text?

EDIT: Like this purple? (haven’t done the text yet)