Av Request

Please help! I really need this av so I’m going to keep it simple. Okay, here goes.

I need an av that starts off with the opening of starwars and then cuts to porn gangbang scene with blurs over the privates so I don’t get banned. I then want every character in CVS2, MVC2 and JBA to come out and do their win poses over a background of a monkey giving a giraffe a reach-around. I then need a CGI Godzilla to breath fire and have the fire turn into letters that spell out my name and the entire book of Psalms in the bible. Please add flashy effects as necessary and make sure that it loops every 3hrs 45mins and 6 seconds. And I need it by 3:00. Thanks.

No takers? FUCKACHUNKZ! I need this av soooooooooo bad! epileptic seizure

Kensavage has been ressurrected in the form of randomnigga:wow:. lol.