Av Request..

Can someone resize this into av size please? And can you put my name in the bottom left please? Thanks.

Hrm, I think I got this one. Check back tomorrow Zulu. I just got photoshop and am still learning the ropes lol.

nvm, it’s all glitchy. If any other av makers want to try this while I fix it, go right ahead.

I’m doing it, sec.

Name in bottom right…

Name in bottom left…

I’m definitly no expert, but those work?

Edit- working on something a little more creative

bottom left, he said.

Shit, lol, I’ll fix it.


This isnt Psycho Flame this is a friend of his DeathDanceAnji (Guilty Gear threads)also on Shoryuken i’d like to know if someone can make my a Hyuga Neji Aim Icon?? i know it isnt exact an av request but i’ve searched the net for them and came up with nothing.i’d greatly appreciate some help on this if someones willin to help send a pm to DeathDance Anji and i’ll answer asap if im not already at work by then or whenever or you can aim im me @ ByakuganXEyeX

just followin up to my post from my friends page

so why are you not making your own thread?