Av request


Can someone make that into an av plese? Also, can you make my name a tattoo on his arm in the same style as the tattoo he already has? Thanks.


The picture is too tall to include his face and his tattoo - look at the proportions of your avatar vs. the proportions of the picture.

also, it’s gay. lol, jk, but i suggest either

[] get premium
] or just have the av of just his face with your name somewhere in the style if possible of the guys tatoo.[/list]


this is what asking for


this is what it could look like



non prem


after goin through this, i think the av could work if it’s like animated.

  1. first showing “adam’s” face

  2. scroll down to his shoulder

  3. show his shoulder with “Zulu” on it.

but anyway, fuckachunkz.

^ That could work. The animated part.

Still waiting