Av Request.

Can Anyone make me a GGR# Av for another forum? Idk where sprites are but could it be made with dizzy or bridget? If you want me to look for sprites i will.

Should i try to find sprites?

You should probably list avatar specs since it’s for a different forum. You know, stuff like maxium avatar dimensions and file size… dood.

this is for Dustloop.com the dimensions are the same as SRK. Thanks for the tip yeah dood




If you use this one could you cut out Dizzy?
Sorry i took awhile. Could you just pick one and go with it? This one is my favorite. The dimensions are the same as SRKs normal Avs, not premium.

go here http://www.newwavemugen.com/~xenozip/ thats where i downloaded the pic for my johnny av

Thanks!!! Where do i go from there? like For pics like yours?

go to character costumes then download the sprite pack. it should give you a zipped file with a crapload of in game pictures.

(madd props to shizuma_15 for the av)

How do i upload them to here? Thanks for all this help.

o ok. create an account at photobucket.com its what i used. free and relatively easy to use.

Someone up this kids rep. Ill Upload them soon, i forgot i had a name on putfile.com.

Could someone make a cool AV using these pics. It doesnt matter which ones you use. Maybe 2 at least tho. Thanks!





i wonder why nobody has picked this one up yet. i would do it myself except for the fact that i dont know how=P.

Yeah…prolly cuz no one likes me.

no one? ok.

maybe make a new thread and kill this one?

ill try

Worst. Advice. Ever.

One thread on the first page = enough.

lol i dont know hes been asking for 3 weeks.

u didnt have to down my rep man, i mean, just look at how quick he got a response when he actually did make a new one.

I HATE YOU!!! : cries over his minus rep points :