av request

wats up guys can someone make me a MvC2 av with storm’s taunt, cammys taunt, and cables pose after he does a psicharge grab, if you could match them sort of in black according to cammys black outfit id appreciate it beyond belief? thanx in advance

the sprites u can find at fightersgeneration.com under the character section for storm,cable and cammy, the cammy one is the one where she goes through her three victory stances

36 views and nothing come guys lend a hand here

These are possible reasons why nobody made you an avatar yet:

  • You want a “team” avatar. 160x64 pixels isn’t much space to work with, so 3 character sprites is a bit much.
  • You described the sprites, but taggers are lazy. If you want specific sprites, you should provide them.
  • You even requested certain colors, and most sprites are only ripped in default costumes, and maybe people don’t feel like palette-swapping the sprites.

Again, these are possible reasons.

that and everyone thinks your annoying cause you kept hijacking other request threads…

and i followed the dudes advice and made my own so there u have it jushi… ok fine how bout jus a storm and cable av no animations nothing just them two, and i would provide them if i knew exactly how to jushi up there^ can vouch im not huge on computers, ive already tried providing pics but it doesnt work…

it is not all that hard.

go to the picture you want. right click. Save picture as. designate where you want it.

now go to www.photobucket.com

create an account. then log in. click browse. go to the folder where you put the picture. find the pictures name. upload the picture.

once uploaded you can scroll down. you will see the picture. under it three different URL text

copy the one that starts with [IMG] and paste it into your message.

you have now uploaded a picture


Check the last 6 or so posts.

thank u murt that was very helpfull and much appreciated… since reading that thread let me apologize simply that i wasnt aware that there were certain guidlines and rules so here it is i apologize for the"thread hijacking" mind u im still new on the forums and i simply saw av request and figured u can post ur request there and that was my misunderstanding. as for the uploading pics its clear that im not a computer whizz but ill work on gettin the two sprites images up as soon as i upload the pic to my g/f’s photobucket since she offered to let me load them there… can n e 1 answer if a storm and cable sprite will fit into a 160x64?

if you provide the sprites i’ll make it. i’ve done a couple team avy’s and i dont mind em so much

thanx a bunch ill put the sprites up hopefully b4 the end of monday

only storm and cable as they are the colors are str8 like that so feel free to do w/e u want jus put biglou in there… thanx a bunch man

Imageshack (http://www.imageshack.us) is also a nice easy alternative to uploading images. You don’t have to sign up, and it gives you tons of ways to link the pictures, really noob friendly. Only problem is that if you lose the URL it’s hard to find it agian…

thanx for the tip but my g/f has a photobucket setup for the myspace pics or w/e so ijususe hers from now on but much appreciated man

the pictures arent showing… >>

hmm… idk i can c them and this guy highlighted them in his response and they came out and it was the IMg on photobucket and it didnt seem to give me n e problems loading or n e thing… do u n e thing that coulda gone wrong cuz atleast for me i c da pix

If you’re talking about me, this is what I see.

aight im trying to upload them again



my bad da its jus i saw your response to the post and the pics r shown atleast on my computer so i assumed u saw them to but those r for image shack i put the direct link to image jus let me kno if i should copy and paste the another of the ones

just those two or do you want cammy too?

if u can fit it fine then ok


if u can put her in there then please match up as i said with cammy’s assist 2 but if not the purple storm and cable is good already… thanx a bunch jus feel free to do w/e with em