Av request

Yamakazi Avatar with either these two images:



With anyone of these sprites in it:

With a darkish white fire background.That says Majin Lee.

wow this looks like fun

I’ll take it up

yes it does.

If you hadn’t already said yes, I would’ve taken this one. People who request doable avatars and provide pics should be rewarded. Free rep for ribu.


EDIT: Bye bye 1 red box, hello 2 green boxes.

Thank you.

If you’ve already started on it that’s fine, but if you haven’t these are the exact two images I want:

I don’t know if it’s possible to have it always playing so it doesn’t stop.If you can I’d like it to never stop laughing,but if that’s not possible that’s fine.

And from the two main images:

Rest the same.Thanks again.

Sorry I took so long to respond :sweat:



No problem.Didn’t mind the wait.Thanks alot.