av request

hello, i was wondering if someone could make me an av, i have the spirte for gambit and. if somone is willing to make me an av with that sprite and my name on it in silver my srk name that is thanks in advace , pm me if you are willing :china:

You should just post the sprite.

put up the sprite i’ll do it

How’s this?

golf clap

:wgrin: its great thanks

… did i not say i would do it?..

that guy sent me a pm like at 5 or 6pm central but if you want you can make one ill pick one and put the other as a sig

Kinda of embarassing but my simple request is to change the name of my avator here, notice how it says SNAPOUT, i need it to say AFTERMATH instead.

I appreciate anybody who can take their time and effort for this task, thanks.

no thread jacking.

I love thread hijacks, especially in IMM.

Although, seeing as how the thread starter had his request fulfilled, I don’t really see how -= SnapOut =- is hijacking anything.

So i guess my request is being declined, because i’m “thread jacking”?

just make a thread no biggie.