Av. request


SF4 avatar request

Either of these two images:


With Majin Lee as the text. Reddish dark background with either.

And if the two images are too hard to work with then just another Yamazaki one with:

Just have him throw the knife into something. Don’t Care at all. Blood if possible.


I haven’t done anything in Photoshop for a while, but here you are:



Nice thank you. Could you pm me the psd if you have it?


You welcome sir.
Sorry man, I didn’t save the psd. :wasted:


o0o0o0o0o0o sexy


those really sf4 pics? if they are can you tell meh where you found them?


I knew at least one guy would ask that. Naw it’s from a site where this guy makes custom sprites and such. I saw them and thought they’d look nice. I made a sean sig, but couldn’t really work with Ryu’s.

Still if they ever do make SF4 that wouldn’t be to bad of a design for either character.



Did you ask him if you could use the image :?


Uh-oh :sweat: