AV Request

I didn’t see any sticky threads specifically for AV requests, so I decided to just make a regular thread for it. Note that I cannot make avatars myself and hope that people who do know how to make AV’s will watch this thread.

Anyways, I do have an AV request myself. Here are my specifics:

-Strider gif. on the bottom-left side
-Spiral gif. on the upper-left side above/behind strider
-Doom gif. on the bottom right-side
-Sent gif. on the upper-right side above/behind Doom
-My name “Corner-Trap” in between them(preferably in blue)
-Black background to fill in any open space

If my requests are too much then please tell me.

You gonna need that premium boy.

I have no idea what thats suppose to mean. Clarification please :sweat:

Your av want 4 sprites and a space between them for your name.Not to mention you want the biggest muthafucker in MvC2.Plus some other limitations,but whatever.

Your size limit is 16064; premium is 160100.

What do I have to do to get a premium av then? And I wouldn’t mind if the gif.'s were scaled down to fit the image, as long as the characters are still proportional(for the most part).

user cp -> paid subscriptions.

So I have to pay for a bigger AV? Booooo :sad:

Boo again, I got neg repped :sad:

Thats funny

Whats funny? I would like to know.

Just ask for something smaller.

Ask for a one sprite av, and I’ll beast the shit.

+ 1

**:wonder: **

Sure but give me some time to think.

Yeah, booyah

Well since my pic is too big for a non-premium av I have another idea.

Can someone simply put strider, spiral, and my name on an av. I don’t care how you do it, just make it cool as hell.

^Request should get done in no time now…oh yeah, Shoryu-bump!

um i tired.



I wish I had photoshop skills like that. Thanks either way, but I might change my av if someone posts anything else. Much appreciated :wgrin:

why am I getting so many neg reps for this thread?