Av request

can some1 plz make me an av of magneto doing the wining pose were hes holding his helmet in his hands in purple scheme sayin tysamurai with a black bg plz




wooot thanks alot man I really like this 1
but could u actually make it to where mag is holdning his helmet on his side and in a purple outfit???:pray::pray::pray:

Magneto with the helmet on the side is possible… but if you want him in purple you need to find me the sprites.

.dub. Your animation skills never cease to amaze me.

thanks man!
Thread take over :arazz: : I could do with a shot of your rendering skills mind :wgrin:
(and the skills of Shatter, Tat, GumZ and Worthless - and then I could take over the world!)

Loved your Cap America sig btw. ruled!

Good shit as always .dub. :tup:


yo .dub. i couldnt find the sprite so could u plz make mag in purple doing his laughing pose?

/bow. Thanks man.

K, your not understanding me :]

I can get pretty much all the special animations, but only in default colour. It’s the purple I’m having issues with.

o srry about that
if u could make an av of mag holding his helmet in his hand in his original color that would be cool then