Av request


Damn ive had the same av for 4 years but its time for a change:sad:

If anyone can make me a Kenpachi avatar with a glowing yellow background I would love them forever no homo


thnx in advance


i got this but i will have to use a diff kenpachi pic


ok cool how about this one



iz this pic good?


umm I would rather have one wheres hes smiling or going crazy but if thats the only one you can find than fuck it use that




i started on it yesterday soi should be done today in the afternoon or so it cuz of school =[


is this good?

i dont do animated avs so to get one animated from me very rare lol


You animated AV’s get better every time, GuMz.




The main thing I wanted was for it to be just glowing yellow like its his energy lol and him smiling like crazy

why exactly cant you use one of the first pics?