AV Request

Would someone mind making me a premium sized 3S Chun AV?

Thanks in advance.

Anything in particular? Sprite or art?

I was looking at her sprite sheet for awhile and couldn’t come up with anything creative…:sad:

non animated I’d like to. . .

Non animated is cool. I’d prefer art if possible. Appreciate it.

:lol: Every time I make request thread someone tries to hijack it.

Btw Sasmasta and Tatguy: Would you both mind making one? I’d love to see the difference in styles and would sport them both eventually.

You’ve got a pic in particular? Cause there’s lot’s of art that looks like 3S Chun ,but the only two offical are:

It doesn’t have to be official art.

If you hav’nt started yet you mind just making something from this?

Not my original request but I’m not feeling any of the 3S art I’ve seen.


Hey, sorry for the delay. Here’s something new I’ve been messing around with. :tup:

Oh and I named the PNG UncleBuck but I noticed tinypic renamed it e3nut. That wasn’t me yo.

^^nice av :tup:


and purely for fun,


Thanks Sasmasta. I left it as e3nut…shit is just funny. Love the av.

Epp1e: I like the way you did my name but the power ranger has got to go. :lol: