Av Request

Yo can someone hook me up with a simple AV Non Prem?


Just the top part.Capture the hat,face,and camera if you can.

why do you want it non premium? you need space.


Premium sized Av I guess

In the Av can I have the Girl symbol( http://www.bigstockphoto.com/thumbs/4/1/1/small/1146352.jpg) in the upper left corner,some text that says something like:

Girl’s Only

Yo bump.Can someone hook me up please? :lovin:

this request seems pretty simple; i could probably do this. i’ll try something later today.

.[ not so ninja edit ].

i decided to put the symbols on the right. it just looked better to me.

Thanks man.Perfection :lovin:

no problem. glad you like it. :tup: