AV Request

Hey guys, I just don’t have to time to do this one so I’m asking you cats for help.

Can anyone do an av of the scene from this:


Seconds 24-27, where it concentrates on bison’s face and does the close up.

Last can you make it the max size allowed for prem members.

Since my rep doesn’t mean anything being I have less than 500 posts, I’ll paypal the guy who does this $5, thanks.

:wonder: Gimme a second and I’ll rip the scene from the site.

Well here’s the scene, sorry a bout the poor quality. YouTube isn’t exactly the best source for ripping videos: [list]Yes… YES!!!:

[/list] Right now, it’s sitting at around 373kb which is way beyond the SRK file limits. I actually just got of work and I’m about to pass out right now so I don’t have the time to edit it down to the 48kb SRK limit at the moment. So if anyone else here wants to edit that GIF, :tup: then have at it… dood![/COLOR]


That is what I want, but damn it’s too big no homo you already mentioned that

:wonder: Well, here’s as good as I can get without lowering the quality of the GIF and keeping the animation looking like he’s saying yes: [list]YES… Yes!:

[/list]:xeye: Unfortunately, the files size is 65.59kb, still about 18kb too big. I can lower the file size by reducing the colors in the GIF but the quality will drop a lot. If you want me to go ahead and do that I can…

…or I can remove 2 more frames to lower the file size but the animation doesn’t look like he’s saying yes much like this: [list]YES… Yes!:

[/list] :u: This one should fit but the animation doesn’t look as good… dood.