Av request

I’m not sure which frames are, but i’m looking for the same effect of his Hp. god press super. where he just kind of floats forward really fast.That’s the animation but im not sure which parts are used for it.I basically want it to loop endless so it looks like Rugal never stops the godpress animation. . .Having RiBu floating with his hand sort of is a plus but idc. . .

Right now anything that looks kind of like a track. . .im looking for a 2d background to go with that, but if you have anything is great. . .

maybe the burning road stage or the Neo Geo vs. capcom one. .

The gif might be here:

Which game is it from?

those sprites are from capcom vs. snk 2. also, they won’t be in the link that scissorman provided.

i could take a stab at this, but i won’t be able to get to this until the weekend (earliest). so, if anyone wants to do this for tat, go right ahead.

I’m not really particular if someone has the frames from any kof thats fine G.Rugal or regular. …

bump in case streak couldn’t. … .

sorry, man. i was really busy this week, and i was just so tired last night.

let me get two things straight:
[]do you have a preference of regular rugal or ultimate rugal?
]does the godpress move look like this?
yeah, i don’t play rugal much in cvs2, and i don’t know many people who do play him. :sweat:

I don’t aa preference between Rugal And G.Rugal, or if it is CVS or any KOF game he has it sprites. …
Yeah that’s the special godpress.
Super Version animation looks like:
At 1:05
i’m looking for a better animation or video of it. . .or it may be the background has to be animated to make him look moving. . .

okay, gotcha. i’ll try to have something up tonight.

.[not so ninja edit].

Not exactly what I wanted, but still pimp. .

shit is dope…

:tup: Snap! Great work str[e]ak-o… dood!

yeah i just looked for it, they just have him slide along so it’s the environment that makes him look moving:

So fuck that. . .Thanks for this one!:tup:

thanks, guys. :china:

tat: if you really want me to try something else with those sprites, let me know.

.[not so ninja edit].

i finished that av really early in the morning (or, really late in the night), so i wasn’t really paying attention. but, the timing of the av is slightly off. everything’s a bit too fast. i’ll fix it up later when i actually wake up. :lol:

more running, so it doesn’t look like the beginning is so rushed.

Damn that is hot I wish I could make a still of equal “insert trendy word to describe how good it looks” for you. . .

Naw looking back the first was kind of funkachunkz. . . since I’d figure it’d be to big to get the effect of him moving endlessly. . .

thanks, sir. and, the level 3 version might be a little too much because of size limitations.

well, i’m glad you like it. i really wanted to get the background in, but the size limit really killed it. so, i kinda cheated by putting in those streak lines. :rofl: