!-Av request-!



Can I have a avatar in the style of “The Ring?” The picture I want is the 15th one down (The K’ looking fellow) and could you make it really dark and morbid like? Thanks.





you guys gotta stop posting new threds just for some av,if you want one go to one of the av requests thred thats what its there for…anyways if you want one post up on my thred,becuase i do have other requests to finish so its up to you.



Should’ve came to me, gay boy.:frowning: Now you can die.:mad:

Iono…sounds interesting. I don’t really remember any style to The Ring. The static part?


Yeah…like a old TV set. Really grainy and glitchy. But dark and scary looking at the same time.

Oh and shut up hetroboy!!



I’ll try.

Is this the image?






I’m waiting.


:fury: :fury:

Still waiting…


Sorry, I’m a bit buzy (school started again, and I’m putting in overtime for my work).

I’ll try and get it done over the weekend.




^My angry face.



I figured it would be done by now. :confused: I guess I’ll give it a go.


I’m sorry, I had something come up. We had a water main break, so I was pretty occupied for the weekend trying to fix it. In the damn garage too, it practically froze the entire place up.

Again, I’m terribly sorry.