AV request!

Can anyone make me an av out of this pic with my name somewhere in it, if it’s possible. haha:

And this one for my profile pic.

Thanks in advance.

That ougi is hella tight, too bad i dont have a jpn ps2

this is the closest i got for the first one:

the second was impossible (at least for me). the thing has 124 frames of animation.

Streak…another quality av :tup:
I cant rep u again tho…

and yea…that second one is mad looong wez i dunno bout that shit son

thanks, but it’s far from quality material.

the first image was pretty large too, and i had to cut so many frames out of it to fit. :wonder:

Thanks streak.

I can’t rep you yet.


It’s ok.

I know it has a lot of frames.

slowed it down a bit and added a flash.

Nice work streak I kinda like the faster one better thats just my preferance but good work either way!