AV request

Can someone make me an avatar of Mystic Gohan, with my name on it? Any type of picture is cool with me as long as it is flashy:wink:. If someone could make me one, it would be very much appreciated.


what exactly makes mystic gohan. …mystic gohan?

Does he have to have the turtle hermit uniform or is is the way his hair is parted…

Heh, good question. To tell you the truth, I never really knew why he was called Mystic around the end of the Buu saga. I just like the concept of the character.


Probably not “flashy” but it’s something at least:

Use it if you like it

PS. Not even sure this is the right character at all. I don’t now dbz :S

It looks like normal Gohan, but its cool, ill rock it. Thanks for for making one for me, I appreciate it.

lol i just found ultimate gohan. . . .

Oh, were you going to start on it? You don’t have to work on it if you don’t want to, but if you do, ill rock both avatars :tup:. Major thanks if you still decide to work on it.