AV, request.

I don’t have the original art to my av, all I could find was t-shirts or wallpapers. Anyway same Nirvana face with any other artistic liberties you want. :hitit:

Weell here the pic, if anyone ever decides to make one


Hey I mafe you a cool edgy new AV Magus1234!

tell me what you think.

Woah! thanks dude:rock:, I wasn’t normally gonna do this buuut, here let me paypal you a billion dollars, oh and Ill hook you up with Kate Beckensales phone number and some cool penis enlargement pills!:rock:

EDIT: waiiit a minute, thats not how you spell my name:wow:


Edit: Seriously though, anything more specific? I had no idea what direction to go with this.

lol, thats pretty dope. But it just the colors need to be the same, black on yellow.

Damn thats sweet! Thanks man.