Av request

would like to request a Poison from svc av OR a Lita av from wwe… your choice

color scheme - anything just as long as it not all pitch black

borders - up to you

theme - anything that you think fits with the pic

name - if possible could 2 copies be made? one with Cypher one with just The Crow. If not just put Cypher.

It’s pretty much up to your creative ideas… so just go crazy

If your doing Poison any svc image will do can be found at

If your doing the Lita one images are at

  • www.amy-net.org
    (preferably use a pic bikini pic of her, or whatever looks hot)

“Cypher” version:

“The Crow” version:

Let me know what you think.

Damn! that looks great man thanks… but howd you manage to get the sprite from 3s? dig the color scheme and how you made it all work

heh, nevermind I didn’t see that in gamegen… thanks again man…

Glad you like it:) The sprite was on gamegen. It was kind of rough for some reason but I cleaned it up a bit.

thanks again