Av Request

Can someone take the beginning where Ice T is flailing his hands and make a short av? I know that you won’t be able to fit much into an av, but any help is appreciated. No fancy effects, just the vid.

Sure, I’ll try and make something.

Sorry to double post, but I was able to download that youtube video to a flash format. Does anyone know how to remove frames? I wasn’t able to. I tried right click- remove frame, cut frame, clear frames, but nothing worked. Here’s the flash file.


Someone help this man out!

Anyone want to help out?

for the avs i’ve made from video clips, i’ve only used .avi files. so, i really don’t know anything about flash.

i’ll probably give this a shot sometime this weekend.

if anyone still wants to do this av, please feel free to take a crack at it.

There is conversion software that converts flash to avi and other formats.

after numerous attempts the last two or three days, i just can’t get this av under the file size limit. i finally found a smooth looking loop, and it’s 27 frames long. when i try to cut out some frames, the animation looks terrible.

this is as far as i got:

(woops, didn’t notice how fast it was.)

maybe someone else can take a crack at it.