av request

sup? i know i got this one about 3 weeks ago, but i just saw asian demon’s magnus av…

that is sooo fucking tight… you think i could get a magnus one, animated, something along that line… but instead of hypergrav, this one?

also… recolored or filtered to be black, and a black + grey bg…

my name, and some other randomness that you might want to come up with

hadoken king

that’s great I like it… can u give me some avatars of my team magz,cable and psy…???


hadoken king

WTF!!!. i’m asking for some1 to make me an avatar, not making one for people. go away, and don’t bother me any more you fucking shit face

I’ll do it

thanks… i suck at animation, or i’d do it myself, but what i have in mind, i have lack of skills to create

How’s this?


dude wtf is ur secret =P

I’m Batman.

Hehe I still remember those days when it was all about making the sig pictures yet I wasn’t able to fully grasp as to how to create a sig. However I did eventually get better when the SRK avatar age began.

no i’m batman


Damn how do you guys recolor like that… its so nice…:frowning:

that Kyo av is the shit. bows to the master*