AV request!!


Hey guys, I don’t get av’s often so here goes…

I really wanna give you all the freedom you want, i just want it to say my name and have some sort of graffiti theme. As long as it looks cool and says my name or is funny and says my name i’m all for it. I’m just sick of lookin at this chick, even tho she’s real hot.


i’ll do it… i can’t animate well though, so i wont do that.
just give me till tonight, cuz i’m at work right now till 11… i’ll do some in a little while, but i’ll have to wait till tonight or tomorrow to finish it though

  • this is why i have a request, cuz i can’t animate the way i would like to…*


sure sounds cooooooooooooool


here… i made two… a red one (which i don’t like)… and a blue one (which i do like, but would be cooler if i could have added a pic)

if u want a pic… supply me… i’ll make better


EDIT>> the wun