Av request

Can someone turn that into a av that resembles the one I currently have? Kthx.

Why did I know this was going to happen?

Edit: Why does it always look like Morrison is wearing eye liner?

Oh god, more Morrison.:sad:

Because he is.

Hey…Sanford likes the DVAS. I like Morrison.


whos that guy in your av? criss angel?

no its the boyfriend

Pfft. C’mon. Morrison scares you or something?


I wish I could help you dude. Trust me, from one MOFO to another, it’s heart-wrenching to see comrades in need. We don’t abandon our kin at the Palace of Wisdom.

Wen’t have his kind at the palace of wisdom.

Come on people hook him up with a new shaman of sexy av.

Ya’ll suck ass.

The sham of sexy.