Av request


Naw really.

I’m requesting an av.
I’m not on my computer, which is miles and miles away… so I can’t use one of my own avs or make one of my own. I probably forgot how to use photoshop anyway.

So I’m requesting.

Can someone make me an av of a grenade or an M16 A2 rifle?

I’ll try and post up some pics in my next post.

Yeah here we go:

CS riot control gas grenade

m67 grenade

M16 A2 rifle


^I like that one, make it angle a bit.

Preferably a greyscale av, or orange. Or a nice mix.

I’ll try to pick it up next weekend. Thanks and shit.

No love?


if it’s not your taste, you don’t have to use it.


the good sick or bad sick?

i’m always asking my friend that question whenever he says sick, because im never sure :confused: sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

good, I’ve never heard of it used in a negative manner. well, of course unless you are really sick. kinda awkward if you say that to a cancer patient.

lol, ok cool thx :smiley:

Ha yoo, that’s pretty fuckin the bomb.

Can I see a grey scale version with a dash of orange, too?

EDIT: For the time being, i will sport the full orange one.

Damn this shit is tight, where did you come from??



Way to go.

I wish I could save them all, too bad this is a damn computer lab.

Preciate it.

oh man i didn’t even see this thread sry