AV Request

As you can see my current av pretty much sucks since its just a resized image =/ so its pretty blurry and generally not good :stuck_out_tongue:

So if someone could make me a cool Sasuke from naruto av it would be appreciated

A blue or red general themed color would be cool

I have some images as a guideline but feel free to use any other images you feel work better! If My username and the konoha mark could be added someplace in it, that would be sweet too.






Thanks in advance i look forward to seeing what you guys can do :slight_smile:

I will give it a try…

Cool, thanks :smiley:


yo Gst, u think u could hook me up with an av also…im not seeing too many active request threads as of late

Sweet man, thanks a lot, i owe you one :smiley:

If it isnt too complex, I will do it.

aight well here are the specs:

use this attached pic and if its not too much trouble then try to make the bg a light blue-ish/white color…and if u can get some animated snow going then that would be great also…thats about it…hope its not too complex and here’s the pic


Well, I will try to subcribe something. It may last some time though.

if u dont wanna do it then its kewl…or is it that u cant do it:evil:

:lol:just kidding…take ur time


:rolleyes: I am sure u can find someone, who can do better.
If someone still aquires my services, I am hiding in a hole.

nice job but not exactly what i was looking for…sorry if i wasted ur time…the snow effect i wanted is similar to what i have in this avatar

but i just wanted the snow to be animated with the pic of the girl in it instead of hibiki u know…if u dont feel like doing it again just let me know and ill ask someone else…but thanks a grip man:D

I think, you should ask someone else, since I cant do it.

no prob thanks for the effort tho

Happy Birthday to you, sir. =)

:frowning: i love yous guys…u and tonbarry are some good buddies to wish me happy birthday like u did…u 2 are gentlemen and scholars and i will dance at ur weddings

i still need this avatar done too:D