Av request

So I being who I am. And we all know who I is.

am in need of a premium Avy.

I do not have anything special in mind I just require it to be funny, and make people hate/ love me.

No micheal jackson.
No Kanye west
No obama
No garth brooks
And dont you even think of trying to give me a son them all avy


First to post gets Rep and I sport that avy for a month :coffee:

Sounds koo, Ill bust some thing lol.

Thanks :tup:

Edit: Is a middle finger ban-worthy nowadays? I must be careful.

Thats it! Will I get an infraction for this? I cant afford another…

I don’t think so. Best to play it safe though.

yea… lets slap a sausage going back and forth in her mouth to really spice it up =x

The avatar I’m about to PM you will probably get you banned.

Note: Don’t wear the avatar I’m about to PM you! Haha.

Haha thats awesome. you rock

i would but people already takes it???

Make them gives back!!

Here you go dood.
this is what I came up with.


Dannnng thats it. I had that pictured in my head but I didnt want to give it away.


Now I hope I dont get an infraction for BITCH in avy… I dont think I will tho

lol, glad you like it dood, I don’t think you will get an infraction for that though, ive seen worst av’s.

Thanks for the rev:lovin: