Av requests, Rather, Looking for my old avs

Well my comp recently crashed, All my old avs going with it. INCLUDING THE ANGEL AV, So im pretty fuckin pissed atm, Im wondering if anyone has this set of avs somewhere on their computer. Im pretty damn sure the angel av is gone for good, But the rest are atleast worth a try.
1.The angel silhouette avatar made by InfinityPlus.
2.The spawn av made by a guy with the clown from twisted metal in his av.
3.Darkgigyas urien/ken leg break av
4.My AvP requiem av made by Yeahdood120%
5.Darkdragons chun li av, Where she leaps off a building.

The Sent/Cable av I can get from merdoc, Its just that I had these saved on my HD because I would randomly switch them. Help would be appreciated :smiley:

who in the hell is heydood120%?

is he, like, a gamer from the early 90’s or something…? :wonder:

I think thats his name lol.

It is yeahdood120%


Fixed lol.

:wonder: Hey dood (:rofl:), my laptop’s hard drive went all bonkers about 2 months ago and I lost every thing that was on it. I might still have it on one of my external hard drives. I’ll check tomorrow… dood.

Don’t mind Bleet he is a huge failboat.

Also: [media=youtube]4HjYAZ0qJOY[/media]