Av restrictions for premium?

I scanned through the stickies, but I think I missed it. is it 160 by 100 pixels or 48.8 KB ?

to answer your question:

i think the limit is the smaller of the two.

Thanks! Close thread!

Actually that faqs is slightly off.

You were right, it’s 160x100 & 48.8KB. You can find it here:

Non premium should be like 19.6 or 19.8KB, I can’t remember exactly… dood.

19.5 kb and pretty much exactly! I know I had a couple of 19.6’ers it didn’t like :sweat:

I know it’s completely off topic, but I like the transparency effect you have going on. It keeps the Ayumi wallpaper at least partially in view at all times, which is a huge plus. :rofl:

Yeah Dood makes the sexiest avatars.

no joke…dood.


We’re using the same Firefox skin! :heart:

LoL. I dunno. It just seemed like something in a forum would say about sharing ‘something’ alike.

Hahaha! Nice wallie too! :tup:

[runs away]