Av Sprite Request

I’m terribly sorry if this isn’t allowed, but I have a request for a certain sprite sheet.
I checked the other thread with the Resources/Websites list, but I couldn’t find any good sites with a certain sprite rip I want.

I need the sprite rip of Ken’s White colorswap of SFIII:3rd Strike.
If anyone could give me a link to a proper site or give me a zip/rar file would be great!


Yeah, I visited this site before and it let’s me save a gif file. But the thing is, that I need one movement out of the whole 3rd Super Tech. How do I do that ?
I’m using PS CS2, sorry for the n00b questions :stuck_out_tongue:

you mean get one frame of it?

Yes, because when I save it; it gives me a .gif of whole the Super Technique. I just want one frame of it, I can’t seem to find an option in PhotoShop where I can go through the .gif frame by frame.

you need image ready to do that. . . .

Ow ok, thx. I’ll try that first :stuck_out_tongue: