Av, Tag, or Splash?


Are you talking about SRK’s next gfx war? If so, then I say avatar + matching tag.

And be a little more strict about judging “theme.”

Splash, bitch!

i say tags… we see all kinds of avs as is and so few tags or splash

There will not be judges. In fact, I am going to do it differently from here on out. I’ve been bouncing new ideas off of TG, and I think you guys will like the way we do it this time.

Retooled from the ground up.

This poll will close on friday afternoon, until then, everyone needs to throw out ideas for what they would like to see as the theme.

Batman, nail clippers, Dice for themes.

I guess avatar since SRK only does avatars… but a tag battle is also nice… no splash though…

Hmm. Tough decision. I went with Splash since I normally dont do those. I’m interested since there will be no judges. Intriguing. :smiley:

I still can’t vote, so I’ll say “tag”. There’s a select few here that makes above-average splashes. So just stick to something smaller and go with tags.
AVs are too easy. But I’ll go with them, if that’s the case.

A tag battle it is. I will make a poll tomorrow regarding what we want as the theme. So far, the possible themes are:

-nail clippers

Any other suggestions?

Cheese Steaks, Fun Dip, Crystal Dining Ware

Id have to say avatars…even tho a nice splash is cool to.


I was going to vote for a splash, but it’s too late. It wouldn’t have won anyway looking at the numbers.

water beefalos

foamy the squirl

video game cola/food endorsements

old school graffiti art

Possible themes:

Shoryuken (this is SRK, after all)

Some theme ideas:

Snake Plissken
Metal/Metallic/Futuristic(no tech)

More themes

Fly Away
Come back some day
I’ll be here, dont make me wait in vain

ooo i like

My theme suggestions:

– The Matrix
– J. Lo
– Saturday Night Live
– Britney Spears
– Rock & Roll
– Sports Cars