Av Wanted!PLZ!


can some one make me and bad avatar with this pic plz!!! just use wutever i think is coo for that pic!! TY to who ever make it!!


Come On

Come On People Some One Make Me The Av PLZ!!:smiley:


Come On

Umm you should know not to open up a thred when there’s threds like mine to request from.TG should do something about these threds.


Re: Come On

There’s nothing wrong with making a separate thread for your request. We’re not doing that whole “taggers make threads only” thing here.


no one can make it or what!!! come on people!!:cool:


Re: Re: Come On

That’s not my point.


Hey tonbarry can u make it fo me plz!!


Re: Re: Re: Come On



Btw Montana, here’s something you can wear until someone makes you something better. Didn’t mean to spam up your thread. =]


its aight dude thx for the AV…:smiley: