Availability of JST headers and wiring harnesses

I’m getting ready to dual-mod a Mad Catz TE (360) using Toodles’s excellent Cthulhu board, and I was thinking that rather than tapping the button and joystick signals from the QDs or PCB, I might take advantage of the pin headers and get the needed signals that way. The headers for the buttons look like JST PH series connectors, while the joystick appears to be the XH series. Digikey carries the needed parts.

Where this idea runs into problems is the cables/wiring harnesses. The PH series are compatible with some of JST’s insulation displacement connectors which would make it easier to make my own cables (I don’t have a crimp tool and spending a couple hundred dollars for one seems excessive) but I don’t see a similar option for the XH series the joystick uses.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I was looking around to see if I can get these premade, but it looks like the only places that sell assembled cables require high-volume orders.