Avantar requeset plzzzzzzz


Avatar requeset plzzzzzzz

Hi, I need a new av. One with Terry, Rock and Sagat would be cool. thx


I’ll do it. Check back here tonight/tomorrow.


Ok cool thx, can you use the following pictures?




from the last picture just Sagat. Would be cool if you can put Sagat in the middel. With my Nick in the lower right corner.


Here it is:


– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"


THX really cool :smiley:



Please I need one with Zappa, Eddie and Chipp w/some kind of Jin from Tekken reference Please if possible. I’m not picky just whatever along these lines will do really Please I don’t have pictures though
I really Aprieciate it THANX FOR Listining
Later Oh Yeah!!!


No Offense

I didn’t mean to offend are put any body on the spot when I asked for an Av from two different people. I’m sorry if I did offend are off you guys I still hope you make it though plaese I would really appriciate it. Thanx pm if there is any problem Thanx OH YEAH!!!



No problem, I’ll make you one.

I don’t really care personally, but just so you know – it’s generally considered “bad form” to request in someone else’s thread like this (just make a new thread or ask in one of the “request threads.”)

– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"


I dumb

Sorry I’m not that good w/navigation of the thread options and stuff. Please bear w/me. Cause I’m not that good w/them:D I withdrew my other request so Your “the One”. I really appriciate it and look foward to your awsome Avatar. Thanx OH YEAH!!!


Found it

I found it check the forums thanx a lot man your are tru.
also sorry for postin on your request Shin Loki