Avatar art?

Erm…wasn’t sure should I post this on noob board or art one, so decided to hit it here. If I broke some rules, or fucked it up with this, pls, lock and delete, wasn’t intended to fuck it up. :bgrin:

Well, the thing is…as I am completely stupid to work with graphics and art, but would love to have some of those fancy animated avatars…so am looking for a good soul to make one for me.

Anyone willing to help a noob with avatar, please PM me leave a post here.

Thank you in advance.


How do one becomes premier member? And can premier members use bigger avatars?

As a Premium Member, you can use bigger avatar (160x64 limitation changes to 160x100 pixels). You become Premium by donating to the site, check ‘Paid Subscription’ under you Control Panel (Settings). Or take this link http://www.shoryuken.com/payments.php

  1. avatar art should be requested in image mishmash, or at least it used to. check the faq there: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=221208
  2. to buy premium, go to settings (top right tool bar) > paid subscriptions
  3. yes, you have a slightly larger avatar size for buying premium

Image mishmash doesn’t seem very heavily trafficked =’(