Avatar Battle Challenge #5 - Signups Are Open

First, I want to point out that I’m no longer running this by myself. Evil Morrigan and OrangeCat are both contributing equal amounts of money for the prizes. As such, 6 people will win prizes this time! I can’t thank you guys enough!

Honestly, I wanna give these two a more executive role, but I haven’t quite come up with anything yet. Suggestions are welcome.

The rules here are pretty similar to the last one, that worked out so well. New rules will be in bold for those of you that remember the rules from last time.

Anyone who wants to compete just has to PM an avatar to me by Monday night (10/24/05). The voting will begin on Tuesday morning. That give you a little over a week to come up with an entry. Once I’ve collected all the avatars, I’ll post them, and the judges will choose their 3 favorites each, and rank them 1, 2, 3. Scores will be tallied, and the winners will receive prizes.

Top 3 Animated Avatars: 1 month of SRK Premium membership each
Top 3 Still Avatars: 1 month of SRK Premium membership each

Here are the rules:

1: It must be a new avatar. Do not PM me an avatar that people have already seen, or you will be disqualified. This means that you are not allowed to show the av around before the battle starts in a week. They should all be unveiled simultaneously at the start of the comp. (Because there was a problem with kensavenge at one time, I guess I have to clarify: Only submit your own work. That means an avatar that YOU MADE, dummy!)

2: No artists are allowed to reveal to anyone which avatar is theirs. Any artists caught leaking such information will be disqualified. Of course, some styles are recognizable, so some judge recognition is inevitable. You may bounce ideas off of someone, but please do not make the av public until I unveil them.

3: Shatterstar may NOT suggest ideas to you, as he is a judge, and it would help him figure out which avatar belongs to which artist.

4: No one is allowed to wear an av in the competition until AFTER the voting is completed.

5: One avatar per category per artist, please. This means you can each enter 1 still avatar, and 1 animated avatar. Minor animation may be accepted in a still avatar, but it’s completely at my discretion.

6: The avatar must be within premium-size requirements. That means the maximum size is 160 x 100 and 48.8 kb. Or actually slightly larger than that, as long as SRK allows you to upload it as an avatar. Feel free to make anything smaller than the max if you like. You will not be docked points for this.

7: No pornography or innapropriate material. You guys know this…

**8: Ok, this was kinda an unspoken rule in previous ones, but you can submit as many times as you like. That means if you submit an av on Saturday, and then change your mind and decide to submit a different one on Monday, go right ahead. You can make revisions, changes, or just enter a completely different avatar. I’ll use whatever one you send me last. Just make sure you have your final submission in to me before the deadline.

Hybrid Fury
Master Chibi

No judges may enter this time.

**Street Fighter (Series)

There you go guys. Do whatever you want with the mother of them all! Be creative!**


I want an executive producer credit. Or assistant to the Executive producer.


Ok, I just sent out about 50 pm’s to people.

Good luck, everyone!

(OC, you can be Executive Producer if you want. I’ll make Evil Morrigan the best boy or the dolly grip or something)


You should look into making a webpage to keep this all in check, son~


then why…

It’s a universal paradox that threatens to swallow the IMM’s existence whole.


but i dont want to destroy IMM; i never wanted to.:confused:

Oh man! It looks like I drew the short straw when it came to Titles. :rofl:

Call it a contingency plan you cunt.

Damn what did I do to deserve such a harsh reply?

Maybe one of his testicles are twisted?

I wasn’t able to come up with anything for the last one, but maybe this time will be different. I’ve seen lots of really cool avatars in these competitions, I’m sure there will be plenty more coming up!

Count me in.:nunchuck:

o great dg again with a Urien av YAY… j/k dg i love you and im in baby, this time im getting prem

I won’t be able to enter this time. My computer just broke down, and I won’t have it back for a month :lame:

Well if you thnk its towards you then I wouldn’t call it harsh, I’d call it unrelated to whatever you were talking about.

Well it’s good to know that I’m not a Cunt, whos fucking up peoples contingency plans.


hmm… it seems fun. i think ill try it out. I dont have much time a lot now a days, maybe ill do a still avatar. Nice, this should be fun.
Quiche - do you have aim? i wanna talk more about this, im kind of confused as i have not participated in the last 4 challenges.

Oh damn, i just noticed its on street fighter series. I don’t know if i should join now, i dont have any ideas anymore! hahaha… oh well, maybe. just maybe =/

I can be a judge Quiche… I think im gonna enter this one too