Avatar Battle Challenge #7 - Voting Thread - Come and See!

Ok! here are the entries for the 7th avatar battle challenge!

Again, I want to thank everyone who entered, as well as my generous sponsors, OrangeCat and koopatroopa. As you may know, the three of us are providing the prizes for this competition.

(Actually on a side note, I may be MrWizard’s best customer. I tallied it all up, and so far I’ve spent $84 on premium memberships! And its growing each week!)

It seems that this time it’s the still artists who took the week off instead of the animators. Will you people stop being so finicky? Also, it seems a couple of the still artists didn’t read the rules, and submitted .jpgs and .pngs. I’ll allow them anyway, since it’s easy enough to convert them to .gif if anyone wants to wear them.

First off, the standard rules:

1st place animation: 1 month of premium membership to shoryuken.com
2nd place animation: 1 month of premium membership to shoryuken.com
3rd place animation: 1 month of premium membership to shoryuken.com

1st place still: 1 month of premium membership to shoryuken.com
2nd place still: 1 month of premium membership to shoryuken.com
3rd place still: 1 month of premium membership to shoryuken.com

#1: No one discusses the avs until ALL SIX judges have passed judgement. This is to prevent people from giving away who the artists are. This is not limited to the artists. Even if you did not submit an av, please refrain from commenting until after the judges have voted. The judges do not know who has submitted an av, and I don’t want you giving away to them that you DIDN’T submit an av by starting to comment on them.

#2: Judges: you are to pick your favorite 3 in each category based on whatever criteria you want. You will then order them from 1 to 3. Your #1 pick gets 3 points, your #2 pick gets 2 points, and your #3 pick gets 1 point. The points will be tallied, and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each category declared.

**#3:**Judges can feel free to discuss among themselves any aspects of the avatars they like. They may confer with each other before voting, but do not have to. Feel free to discuss what you like or dislike about any of the avatars --1 Restriction, though! Judges may not speculate as to who the artists are, as your speculations may affect the other judges.

The judges are:
Hail and Kill
Master Chibi

#4: After the judges vote, the points will be tallied and I will reveal the artists behind the avatars. Discussion is then open for anyone and anything about the avatars.

That being said, here are the avatars (in order by title…as in all the previous competitions, if the artist did not provide a title, I made one up)


“8 #4’s”


“Chef BoyUrien’s Beastaroni”


“…Fucking Waffle-Stealing Assholes…”




“Pizza Party”


“Soon it’s Christmas, and What Have You Done?”



“Dan’s Hot Nuts”

Hadoken King

“Homegirl Wants Some Chicken”


“Lebron’s Lightning Lemonade Bubble Gum”




“Not Going Anywhere for a While?”




“R T F D”


“The Unwanted Guests or War Can Be Hell on a Kitchen”


“Tsen Bao Superhero”

Shim Sang Joon

“Ultra Slim Fast”



Executive Producer: OrangeCat

A koopatroopa production:

Directed by givequicheachance

Get voting, judges!


lol @ “Ultra Slim Fast”. Sorry Quiche… Couldn’t hold that back… Wanna say more
but I’ll be a good boy and wait till after the votings.

Chef BoyUrien’s Beastaroni :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

lol those are some funny avatars. I wish i could wear one tho :(.

that metal slug one is really good

Damn you rule #1.

holy fuckin shit…:wow:

I’ll make an exception for you, TG, but only if you agree to be a judge in the next contest (which I’ll probably be announcing this afternoon…I’ve already picked a theme)


wah you did hmm now i dunno if i should enter or ask to be a judge for the next one.:sweat: decisions decisions


dammit!! i just came up with a good theme too, but i 4got to pm you last nite…:sad:

judges please only vote for the good ones

I vote for jotaro


time stop is broke as hell.

shit, spanks. If I win a prize this time, I’ll use my winnings to buy you some prem.


Im in class right now so ill just show yall my favs









There are good ones? Honestly, the results for this one is pretty terrible, aside from a few choice ones.


i really think this theme was real hard…i couldn’t think of anything for this challenge :shake:

I like most of em.

I’ve never seen a good avatar on SRK so i mean “good for srk”

edit: not to be an asshole in this thread so i posted a thread about it instead k

did everyone wake up with asshole mode turned on?

Edit: Urien is gay

not me…WHERE’s THE F-ing JUDGES!!!1one! :angel: :angel: :angel: